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  Founded in 1967 to further knowledge and understanding of radiation sciences.            Registered Charity no. 252928

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The LH Gray Memorial Trust was set up in 1967 to honour the memory of Hal Gray, a distinguished British scientist who made important contributions to the application of radiation physics to biology and medicine. The Trust was created jointly by The British Institute of Radiology, The Association for Radiation Research, and The Hospital Physicists Association. The Trust deed lays down that the principal purpose is:

"the furthering for the benefit of the public the knowledge and understanding of all aspects and all applications of radiation and kindred sciences and to this end ... promoting research in and the exchange of knowledge concerning such sciences by the organisation of conferences lectures and / or discussions ..."

L H Gray Conferences and Workshops have become established as prestigious meetings at which a high level of presentation and discussion take place. The Trust is willing to entertain proposals from any individual or group who have identified a topic suitable for a Conference or Workshop, and who are willing to comply with the guidelines.

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